Ahmed Quraishi

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Ahmed Quraishi is a Pakistani journalist who was born and raised in Kuwait. He claims to be a Zionist Muslim. He has said: “As a Muslim, I think we need to own what’s written also in the Quran about the story of Israel and the Israelites and the people of Israel”. He also believes that: “there’s a claim, a very strong one, that the Jewish people have to their historical homeland.”1

Quraishi, alongside a Pakistani delegation, took a trip to Israel and visited Israeli President Issac Herzog, sponsored by the Sharaka Institute, a shadowy organization pushing normalization between Muslim states and the Zionist regime. He was afterwards fired by the Pakistan Television Corporation (PVT) for participating the trip. He used to enjoy his own talk show in PVT.

Quraishi (2nd right) posing for a photo during a Sharaka-sponsored visit to Israel

1: https://electronicintifada.net/content/how-israeli-emirati-group-sharaka-pushing-pakistan-embrace-israel/35791

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