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Al Anoud Al Hashmi is an Emirati financer. She is the executive director of The Futurist Company tech company. The company was founded in 2020 and works in these following fields:

• AgriTech
• FinTech
• Media
• Renewable Energies

Al Hashemi is also the Deputy CEO of the pro-Zionist Sharaka Institute’s UAE branch, well-placed to integrate Israeli industries into the UAE technology marketplace. Open trade with Israeli businesses were effectively boycotted by Arab countries such as the UAE prior to recent developments.

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Al Hashemi alongside Abraham accords activists, Lorena Khateeb (L) and Majid al Sarrah (C)
Al Hashemi alongside Israeli Abraham accords advocacy agent; Ariella Steinreich
Al Hashemi alongside Abraham accords advocacy agents and the Israeli Ambassador in the UAE
Al Hashemi talking part in a Sharaka Ramadan ceremony celebrating “co-existence” with the apartheid Israeli regime
Al Hashemi alongside Zionist Rabbi Levi Duchman
Jewanced panel poster showing al-Hashemi’s participation in a session co-sponsored by the Minneapolis Jewish Federation and the Jewish Agency for Israel
Al Hashemi attending a virtual remembrance ceremony for the Holocaust, commonly used to legitimize Israel
Al Hashemi has taken part in a podcast hosted by Fleur Hassan, Deputy Mayor of occupied Jerusalem

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