Alaa Arafa

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Alaa Arafa is a multi-billionaire born on November 21, 1958 in Egypt’s Alexandria province (Alexandria is one of the most important places where Jews have been present since ancient times). He is a businessman who has used his high-level connections to build ties with Israeli companies in pursuit of his own economic interests. Alaa is the head of the “Dolphin Holding Ltd” company. Under Alaa’s command, this company managed to conclude a 15-billion-dollar contract with the authorities of Israel’s “Tamar gas field” to import gas. Arafa also cooperates with Israel’s “Tefron” company in the clothing industry. Due to his high-ranking connections with Zionist authorities, the Israeli embassy invited him to participate in the regime’s 70th independence anniversary in Cairo in 2018.
Despite the existence of political relations between Egypt and the Zionist regime based on the Camp David Agreement, the public opinion of this country is still largely against Israel. However, individuals such as Arafa, are clearly going against the public opinion in their society for personal and organizational benefit. Despite being apparent “apolitical” businessmen, such individuals seek the normalization of Egypt’s relations with the Zionist regime in return for profit.

Images of Israel’s 70th “independence” celebration at the Ritz-Carlton Cairo hotel, in which Alaa Arafa also participated.

Assisting Zionist Espionage

In 1996, the Egyptian government arrested a person named “Azzam Azzam” for spying for Israel. This person was an employee of the Arafa company at that particular time. Azzam confessed that he tried to employ the company’s personnel for specific Israeli interests. Interestingly, Arafa was unscathed in the ordeal.

Arafa’s Important Role in Concluding the Qualified Industrial Zones Contracts

The Qualified Industrial Zones Contracts (QIZ) between Egypt, America, and the Zionist regime were concluded in 2004. According to this contract, commercial zones for exporting goods to America and other countries were specified. Such an agreement sought to further normalize existing political relations between Egypt and Israel. It is said that Arafa played an important role in concluding the contracts. Benefiting directly from the QIZ, Arafa also owns a company in the clothing industry and has cooperated with an Israeli company called Tifron.

President of “Dolphin Holding Ltd”

Israeli officials have announced that gas is exported to Egypt from the Tamar gas field. Since the Egyptian government entrusted the field of gas import to the private sector, Dolphin Holding Ltd took responsibility for this in 2015 and signed a 10-year, 15-billion-dollar contract with Israeli officials. Arafa, along with Khalid Abu Bakr and Mohammad Talat Khalifa, founded this company. Arafa operates as Dolphin Holding’s CEO.
The location of this company is registered in the Virgin Islands. These islands are safe tax havens that do not require ownership registration and allow for murky transactions.

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