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Alan Dershowitz is an infamous Jewish American lawyer who espouses strong support for Israel and Zionist ideology.1 Among his clients is a long list of scandalous celebrities and politicians such as former US President Donald Trump, Israeli-linked child-abuser Jeffery Epstein, Mike Tyson (celebrity athlete suspected of killing wife) and Harvey Weinstein (convicted sex offender and former film producer) and Hary Reems (pornographist).

Dershowitz has been regarded as being the “devil’s advocate”.

Alan Dershowitz with his client, former US President Donald Trump

His defense for a long list of sex offenders and child abusers appears to be in line for his zealous attempts to support Israel’s war crimes.

Alan Dershowitz had very close relations with his long-time friend Jeffery Epstein, an infamous sex trafficker, pedophile and Israeli intelligence agent

The “Devil’s Advocate” Loves Israel

Despite being a well-known lawyer in the United States, Dershowitz has not sought to conceal his unwavering and personal obsession for Israel. He has written “The Case for Israel”, a book presenting various false claims seeking to legitimize the Zionist state. The book has been accused of being an act of plagiarism.

John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt, professors of International Relations in Harvard university have described Dershowitz as an “apologist” for Israel in their book titled “The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy”.

Alan Dershowitz in Technion university in Israel (2014)

As part of his effort to support Israel no-matter-what, Dershowitz has made numerous peculiar statements, even calling for the destruction of whole Palestinian villages, in response to Palestinian reprisals against the Zionist ethnostate2. In 2006, when the UN’s High Commissioner for Human Rights called out Israel for war crimes in Lebanon, Dershowitz slammed the statements as “bizarre”.3

Alan Dershowitz with former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

It is worth noting that despite being a “man of law”, Dershowitz advocated for torture against Muslims to extract information following the 9/11 attacks.4

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2: Finkelstein, Norman. Beyond Chutzpah: On the Misuse of Anti-Semitism and the Abuse of History. University of California Press, 2005, p. 176.



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