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Amjad Taha is one of the figures who is central to Israel’s public diplomacy attempts targeting Arab audiences, specifically regarding the normalization of relations between the kingdom of Bahrain and Israel.

Taha is also the Regional Director of the little-known Middle East Studies and Research Center.

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Taha has authored the book “The Deception of the Arab Spring”, in which he accuses the 2011 Arab Spring of being engineered by Iran.

He is one of the founders of the pro-Israel Sharaka Institute, lobbying for the recognition of the Zionist regime among Arab states.

After the 2020 “normalization” agreement between the United Arab Emirates and Israel, Taha traveled to Israel and met with several important figures in in Israel. The trip was sponsored by the Sharaka institution.

Taha is of Iranian-Bahraini origin and currently resides in England.

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  • Calling for Civil Strife among Palestinians

“We hope to see a revolution among the Palestinians against the Palestinian Authority. The Palestinian leadership has no other choice than to go back to war to try to garner any support whatsoever or to return to any form of negotiations with Israel. We hope Israel will not negotiate again with terrorists. We need to return to the principle of no negotiating with terrorists.”

  • Whitewashing IDF Crimes against Civilians

“I assume the Palestinian [terrorist] organizations will try attacking civilian targets in Israel with missiles. But, the support for them and for the PLO in the Arab world is waning. Many Palestinians in the Emirates and other Gulf states are calling for the downfall of the Palestinian Authority because of the corruption in it and its inability to achieving anything at all for the Palestinians.”

  • The ‘Final Straw’ for Palestinians

“We see Hamas using children, schools, hospitals, to shoot missiles [at Israel]. When the Palestinians lamented the assassination of [former Iranian general] Qassem Soleimani, a commander in Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps – and the most loathed individual in Iraq, Syria, and the Gulf States – it was the final straw from our perspective. They called this man a ‘martyr of Jerusalem.’ This was the breaking point in Arab support for them,”

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Taha to i24NEWS regarding Gaza rocket fire
“It’s really sad to hear that Hamas has launched their rockets towards Ashdod — we all condemn that and we hope Israel retaliates firmly towards these terrorists”
Amjad Taha alongside Crown Prince of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, Mohammed Bin Zayed
Amjad Taha with King Salman of Saudi Arabia
Amjad Taha with the ruler of Dubai, Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum
Benjamin Netanyahu’s tweet featuring a video of Amjad Taha and his fellow Sharaka Institute member, Majid Al-Sarrah.
He wrote “Real peace…Peace for all” and tagged the Sharaka institution.
An instance of Taha’s promotional activities for the Israeli apartheid regime.
Taha taking part in a meeting in the Sharaka institution
Taha visiting Hananya Naftali, an Israeli blogger and normalization influencer. Taha also supported Israel’s military presence in the Golan heights and called Palestinian military groups “a bunch of terrorists”.1
Taha: “In a few minutes, GF972 flight will arrive from Bahrain to Israel.”
Taha meeting with former Israeli UN Ambassador Dore Gold
Amjad Taha meeting with fellow Zionist regime advocacy agents, Majid al-Sarrah (L), Lorena Khateeb (2nd L)
Taha posing alongside other Sharaka members in the Ben-Gurion airport
Taha alongside fellow Sharaka members in Israel
Amjad Taha’s presence in the Knesset building

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