Andras Patkai

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Andras Patkai is a Hungarian cyber security expert. He was also the European Director of the Israel Allies Foundation located in Brussels.1 The Israel Allies Foundation is a Zionist lobby group focused on gaining the support of the western Christian lawmakers for Israel.
Patkai claims to have studied Jewish history and culture in Hungary and Israel.

Member of the Faith Church

Andras Patkai is a Zionist agitator and supporter of Israel. He is a member of the Faith Church, a Pentecostal church promoting Zionism as a “Judeo-Christian” value similar to American Evangelical dogma. It is headed by Hungarian pastor, Sándor Németh. Sandor Nemeth expressed his anger regarding Hamas attacks on 7 October, 2023. Mirroring Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu2, Sandor claimed that Hamas is the incarnation of “Satan killing good people”.3

Israel Allies Foundation

Patkai is focused on lobbying between European organizations, European Christians and Israel. Pastor Sándor Németh of Faith Church introduced Patkai to the Israel Allies Foundation and the Knesset Christian Allies Caucus in Jerusalem (CAC).

News headline from CAC’s website highlights how the group lobbies for Israel’s foreign policy objectives, in this instance attacking UNRWA for its role in distributing Gaza aid.

The Israel Allies Foundation works with politicians around the world to mobilize support for Israel-based Jewish values. The Israeli Allies Foundation was founded by an Israeli politician who belonged to the Yisrael Beiteinu party.

Hungary Activities

Patkai, along with other actors such as CAC, was involved in promoting a bill in the Hungarian parliament criminalizing the Holocaust denial.4 The bill was passed in 2010.

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2: Following Hamas’ October 7 operation, Netanyahu said that Israelis are the “children of light” and Gazans are the “children of darkness”.



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