Andres Isaac Roemer

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Andres Isaac Roemer nemesis


Andres Isaac Roemer is a Mexican Jewish pro-Israel political activist who has operated as Mexico’s ambassador to UNESCO.

In 2016, after UNESCO denied Jewish claim to the Haram al-Sharif (Temple’s Mount) and the Buraq Wall (Wailing Wall) in Jerusalem, Roemer left the UNESCO session, protesting the decision despite being the representative of Mexico.1

Roemer with then-Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Mexico 2017

Mexican Criminal, Zionist Hero

After being accused of rape and several sexual abuses, Roemer fled to Israel in order to avoid prosecution despite Mexico requesting his extradition. Israel, which is known to grant amnesty to convicted criminals only on the basis of belonging to the Jewish race, refused the Mexican extradition order.2 A street in Ramat Gan, Occupied Palestine, is named after Andres Roemer in honor of his “services” to Israel.3

Andres Roemer street in Ramat Gan, Occupied Palestine




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