Andrew Breitbart

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Andrew Breitbart was a Zionist Jewish American Conservative journalist who founded the conservative pro-Israel Breitbart News and co-founded The Huffington Post. His parents were Irish but he was adopted by a Jewish family when he was three weeks old. He studied at a Hebrew school and had a Bar Mitzvah. He died in 2012.
It is worth mentioning that Breitbart was also a pro-LGBTQ conservative, being a board member of the Republican GOProud organization.

Breitbart’s Ideological Support for Israel

Breitbart has always spoken in favor of Israel. He has frequently equated Israel’s national security with US national security. Breitbart approach towards Israel suggests that he believes Zionism can never be morally questioned. The Jewish Forward magazine declared him as the top 50 most influential Americans in 2010. Breitbart once went far enough to advocate for the firing of a researcher in a liberal think tank for criticizing Israel. The Jerusalem Post proudly declares that “Breitbart took the business of fighting modern anti-Semitism very seriously.”1 In some cases he stated that “Israel is in the right” and “If Israel goes, so will America”, or “I’m glad I’ve become a journalist, because I want to fight on behalf of the Israeli people.”2

Zionist Influence Ops: Breitbart News

Jewish CEO of Breitbart News Larry Solov claimed that the idea of establishing Breitbart News network was conceived during Andrew Breitbart’s stay in Israel and that it was supported by Israelis, specifically Benjamin Netanyahu.3

Benjamin Netanyahu posing with Andrew Breitbart and Breitbart News CEO Larry Solov (Third from left) in Jerusalem in 2007




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