Andrew Hauptman

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Andrew Hauptman is an American businessman, philanthropist, and civic leader. He co-founded Andell Holdings which is an investment firm and is considered as one of the top family office entities in the US. Andell Holdings invests in private and public companies and real estate.
Andrew Hauptman describes himself as an “American Jewish communal leader who is proudly Zionist, unquestionably pro-Israel, and who has devoted his life to supporting the State of Israel and ensuring an ironclad relationship between Israel and Diaspora Jewry”.1 He is currently a member of the advisory board of the Israel Policy Forum. This Zionist think tank portrays itself as an organization promoting the idea of the two-state solution regarding Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestine. Hauptman has also donated to the Israel Museum, assisting the launch of its archeologic wing.2

Connections with Charles Bronfman

Hauptman is Jewish and is married to Charles Bronfman’s daughter, Ellen Bronfman. Charles Bronfman was a Canadian billionaire deeply involved in Zionist organizations and pro-Israel initiatives.



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