Anthony Pratt

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Nemesis Anthony Pratt

Anthony Pratt is an Australian billionaire who owns Visy Industries. Visy is the world’s largest privately owned paper, packaging and recycling company.
Anthony was born in a Jewish family. His parents were Polish immigrants. His grandfather, Leon founded Visy and his father Richard expanded the company and became the fourth richest man in Australia. Richard’s inheritance was divided between his children, with Anthony becoming the executive chairman of Visy. His net worth is estimated at US$12 billion.
Pratt is involved in philanthropic activities, specially engaging Australian Jews. In September, 2021, The Jerusalem Post named him 35th on its list of the world’s 50 Most Influential Jews of 2021.1

Lobbying for Israel

In 2016, Anthony Pratt acted as a liaison between former Israeli President, Shimon Peres and Australia and India regarding food and water security policies.2

Investment in Zionist Occupation

Pratt has also donated to the Jewish National Fund (JNF), one of the oldest and most influential Zionist funds enabling Zionist occupation across occupied Palestine.

Stance on US Politics

Pratt enjoyed a good relationship with former US President, Donald Trump. He admired Trump for his unconditional support for Israel. Pratt called him “the most pro-Israel president” and claimed that Trump is admired because he recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, moved the US embassy to Jerusalem and left the nuclear deal with Iran. Pratt claimed that if former US President, Barack Obama would have done such, he would have been announced as the “promised messiah” by Jews.3




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