Arsen Ostrovsky

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Arsen Ostrovsky


Ostrovsky lives in Tel Aviv and is the CEO of the International Legal Forum, an international Israeli law firm focused on fighting with the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions movement (BDS). This firm claims to have more than 3000 lawyers and 20 branches over the world, boasting of strong ties with members of US congress, EU Parliament, the Knesset and officials in the Israeli government.

Arsen Ostrovsky Nemesis Project

The Jewish Telegraph Agency (JTA) has named Ostrovsky as one of 25 most influential Jews in Twitter.1 Ostrovsky is also Executive Director of the Israeli-Jewish Congress, a pro-Israel lobbying group networking with Zionist and Jewish communities worldwide, with a focus on Europe.

Arsen Ostrovsky Nemesis
Logo of the Israeli Jewish Congress

Arsen Ostrovsky has published pro-Israel propaganda in various major mainstream media outlets such as the New York Times, BBC, AFP, Washington Post, Deutsche Welle and others.

In short, Ostrovsky is a leading figure in the Israeli soft diplomacy scene, working to refine the Zionist regime’s foreign propaganda apparatus and seeking to ameliorate its coordination with Zionist lobbies beyond the country.

Ostrovsky also has a seat as board member of the Sharaka Institute, a shadowy organization set up with the goal of normalizing relations between the Israeli occupation and certain Arab regimes.

Arsen Ostrovsky Nemesis
Ostrovsky serves as board member of the Sharaka institution
Arsen Ostrovsky Nemesis
Ostrovsky attending Sharaka’s online memorial meeting for the Holocaust
Arsen Ostrovsky Nemesis
Ostrovsky’s interview with the Jewish National Fund about his new role in the Sharaka Institute

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Arsen Ostrovsky Nemesis
Arsen Ostrovsky alongside Yuli Edelstein, former speaker of the Knesset and current Israeli Health Minister
Arsen Ostrovsky Nemesis
Ostrovsky’s speech at the Knesset about anti-Semitism and the necessity of twitter action2
Arsen Ostrovsky Nemesis
Ostrovsky’s attendance in the Knesset’s Diaspora Affairs Committee3


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  1. hi,
    my msg to mr Arsen Ostrovsky who was talking about human rights on jbs channel and my question to him is if you are really care about human rights why your forces is holding my brother dead body for more than year and a half not giving his dead body back to his family to bury him for religious connotation which is against IHL RULE NO 113 which says prevent the dead body from being despoiled, and rule NO 114 which is says dead body should be return to their family immediately ,
    i am rasking you in the name of humanity to put pressure on your defense minister to release my brother dead body so we can bury him , so show respect for humanity .

    faisal iriqat

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