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Nemesis Assaf Kaplan


Born in Israel, Assaf Kaplan was formerly an Israeli intelligence officer in Unit 8200 – the Israeli counterpart of Washington’s notorious NSA Signal Intelligence operation – which conducts vast surveillance against Palestinians across the occupied territories1. It is well-known that information provided by the 8200 cyber unit is used by the Israeli government to terrorize, harass and blackmail Palestinians2.

UK Labour Party Infiltration

According to reports surfacing in January 2021, Kaplan was appointed as the head of the British Labor Party’s social media strategy under the party leadership of Keir Starmer. The revelations caused much controversy within the party3.

Kaplan’s position implies that part of his job involves examining online conversations regarding the Labor Party and providing the party strategies to expand its supporter base across social media platforms. Many have argued that Kaplan’s past activities place him in an ideal position to spy and abuse UK citizens on behalf of the Zionist lobby or Israeli intelligence. Chris Mullin, a British, politician remarked on this issue: “I am not sure if this is a good idea. Is he still working for the Israelis or for the Labour Party?” 4

Bindmans, a British human rights law firm, is highly concerned about the data safety of Labor Party members especially those of which are ethnically Palestinian or support Palestinian rights.

Network of Zionist Comrades

Interestingly, Kaplan appears to be in contact with several other known UK-based Zionist agitators and lobbyists according to his social media activities, including Shai Masot, Michael Rubin and Liron Vellerman:

  • Masot, a self-described IDF officer, was dismissed from his position as a senior political officer in the Israeli mission in London after leaked evidence showed he had been plotting against members of the British government and parliament. Masot is also known for attempting to infiltrate Labour by discreetly devising a plan to create a pro-Israel youth wing within the party. The plan has been described as forming a front for the Israel’s UK embassy in the Labour Party.5
  • Rubin leads the “Labour friends of Israel” group. According to Rubin, he was acquainted with Masot while he led Labour Students. It was also during this time that he published a fabricated report alleging “anti-semitism” against then-Labour Party chief Jeremy Corbyn, which proved very influential in later attacks against Corbyn and his party. Corbyn has been targeted by a heavy Zionist-led media onslaught due to his pro-Palestine stances ever since he became Labour leader in 2015.
  • Vellerman is also in contact with Kaplan. Vellerman operates under the Jewish Labour Movement” (JLM). The JLM is another part of the Zionist lobby in Britain which played a role in the anti-Corbyn public defamation campaign. 






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