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Avi Yemini is an Israeli anti-Islam activist who supports Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon (Tommy Robinson), a Zionist British far-right anti-Muslim activist. Yemini, who also has Australian citizenship, is known to have managed Robinson’s internet presence in the UK for a certain period.

Yemini currently works for Rebel News, a Canadian right-wing news outlet led by pro-Israel Jewish media personality Ezra Levant.

Promoting Zionism with Islamophobia

Yemini can be regarded as part of a larger trend of international Zionist lobbies investing in Islamophobia and anti-immigrant sentiment with the goal of ratcheting up grassroots support for Israel among Europeans alienated with Liberal immigration policies. Yemini consequently has used his online platforms to spread hatred towards Muslims worldwide and has frequently described Islam as a barbaric ideology and Muslim countries as “shit-holes”.1

In a 2019 trip to the USA, Yemini was interrogated by the FBI and deported from the country for allegedly inciting hatred.2

Avi Yemeni Nemesis
Yemini’s tweet on being detained by the FBI for inciting violence

IDF Soldier

Yemini has boasted about joining and serving in the IDF for 3 years, taking part in Israeli war crimes as a Golani Brigades sniper along the Gaza Strip.3

Avi Yemeni Nemesis
Avi Yemini tweeting a picture of himself while enlisted in the IDF

Suspicious recruitment hub

Yemini has founded the “IDF training” gym in Melbourne and a string of other pro-Zionist gyms in Australia in which he openly seeks to find new recruits for the IDF.4 Australian citizens can legally enlist and be deployed in occupied Palestine as part of the IDF.

The gyms also effectively act as de-facto recruiting centers for Israeli intelligence.

Personal Problems

Avi Yemini suffered from Heroin addiction in his younger years. He has also been found guilty of beating his ex-wife and has anti-feminine beliefs.5

Social media

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Avi Yemeni Nemesis
Avi Yemini holding his Israeli passport
Avi Yemeni Nemesis Project
Avi Yemini with Tommy Robinson, a British anti-Islam extremist who blatantly supports Israel
Avi Yemeni Nemesis
Avi Yemini posing with the emblem of the IDF
Avi Yemeni Nemesis
Image showing the detention of Yemini by Australian police fearing that he would incite violence in the 2020 Australia Day parade 6


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