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Bari Weiss is an American Journalist. She previously wrote for The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. She is currently a columnist for the German newspaper Die Welt and the editor of The Free Press.
Weiss has also worked for Zionist newspapers and magazines such as Haaretz, The Forward and Tablet.

The Columbia Unbecoming Controversy

Bari Weiss was born in Pennsylvania. Being born in a Jewish family, Weiss was allowed to live in Israel. Consequently, after high school, she went to Israel and studied in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She ultimately entered Columbia university in New York. There, alongside other Zionist students, she started a witch-hunt against professors and students criticizing Israel. Their main target was professor Joseph Massad. The group made a movie titled “Columbia Unbecoming” alleging rampant antisemitism and bias against Israel in the university. US congress representative Anthony Weiner requested that Massad should be fired from his academic career in university.
A Columbia committee investigated these allegations, ultimately exonerating the accused Columbia professors, including Massad. Moreover, the investigation found that the accused Columbia professors were themselves victim of a pro-Israel intimidation campaign. Weiss reacted to the report, labeling it as “leftist anti-Semitism”.

‘An Unhinged Zionist’

Glen Greenwald describes Bari Weiss’s work as “designed to ruin the careers of Arab professors by equating their criticisms of Israel with racism, anti-Semitism, and bullying.”1
Political commentator Andrew Sullivan describes Weiss as an “unhinged Zionist”.2

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