Bill Kristol

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Bill Kristol is a Zionist Jewish American neoconservative agitator. He is a frequent commentator on CNN, the founder of the Weekly Standard (funded by Zionist Rupert Murdoch) and the editor of the Bulwark.
Kristol is a supporter of Republican Party but criticized then-US President Donald Trump and was responsible for astroturfing anti-Trump movements such as the “Republican Voters against Trump” campaign. Kristol is a war-mongering neocon who advocated for the US invasion of Iraq. He, alongside Lawrence F. Kaplan wrote a book justifying the invasion of Iraq.
Kristol is an avid Zionist agitator who is a board member of the Emergency Committee for Israel, a right-wing pro-Israel American organization. He believes that Israel’s war against Palestinians and Lebanese people is an American war against terrorism and that Washington should strike Iran in Israel’s favor.1


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