Birthright Israel

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Birthright Israel or Taglit-Birthright is a non-profit organization that organizes heritage trips to Israel, Jerusalem and the Golan Heights exclusively for people of the Jewish race between 18-32 years old. Birthright claims that they try to “ensure the future of the Jewish people” while actively promoting Zionist occupation, all while rejecting the Palestinian right of return.1

Image of Birthright participants in 20212
Birthright Israel
Birthright Israel promoting Israel’s war machine by interviewing Israeli military personnel3

Sheldon Adelson, an infamous American-Israeli casino tycoon, has been a major Birthright Israel sponsor since 2007. In his first donation, he gave $5 million to the organization. He has since raised the amount of his annual contribution, with a total sum of $250 million being generously given until 2015.4

Birthright Israel Nemesis
Birthright honoring Sheldon Adelson, a Zionist warmonger and casino mogul5


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