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Brian of London is a Jewish far-right activist born in South Africa residing in Israel, supporting the anti-Muslim extremist Tommy Robinson. He, alongside Avi Yemini – a shadowy Israeli propagandist figure in Australia – are two influential Israeli supporters of Tommy Robinson. Brian’s real name is Brian Bishko. Bishko originally migrated to Britain but eventually left for Tel Aviv. Despite residing in Israel for the last 10 years, Bishko still seeks to portray himself as a patriotic British citizen and seeks to contribute to nationalistic and conservative groups in the UK. Bishko promotes the idea that the British Empire is guilty of betraying Israel.1

Bishko writes articles for the Israeli Seth-Klarman funded newspaper Times of Israel with the pseudonym Brian Thomas.2 He has his own site3 but also frequently writes for the Israeli propaganda blog Israellycool. In one Israellycool article, he called for the killing of Palestinian children because they throw stones at Israeli soldiers.4

Being a shadowy pro-Israel advocacy figure present in the UK conservative political arena, Bishko enjoys extensive ties with Israeli IDF and advocacy figures.

Brian of London (Bishko) Project Nemesis
Image of Brian of London (C) alongside IDF spokesperson Barak Raz (R) and Avi Mayer (L), the media director of American Jewish Committee and former media director of the Jewish Agency in Israel, the largest Jewish non-profit organization in the world.

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Brian of London Project Nemesis
Brian Bishko is frequently featured in British mainstream news channels, depicting himself as a defender of the British people
Brian of London Project Nemesis
A tweet by Bishko rejecting Israel’s war crimes during its 2021 bombing of Gaza
Brian of London Project Nemesis
Image of Brian of London alongside Zionist anti-Islamic extremist Tommy Robinson


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