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Brigitte Gabriel is a Christian Maronite Lebanese anti-Muslim and pro-Israel activist residing in the US. She pushes anti-Muslim and pro-Zionist propaganda by pushing a story claiming to be a victim of “Islamic extremism” who was “saved” by Israelis after it invaded her country, Lebanon, in 1982. Turning a blind eye to tragic Israeli-backed atrocities which took place during the invasion (such as the 1982 Sabra and Shatila massacre), Gabriel claims that during the Zionist onslaught, “Israel saw only people in need and they helped”.1

In short, Gabriel belongs to a wide camp of rightwing actors seeking to portray Israel as the “vanguard” of struggle against “Islamic terrorism”.2 Tommy Robinson and Avi Yemeni have played a similar role in the UK with the aid of Zionist lobbying money.

Islamophobic Zionism

Gabriel is the founder of the anti-Muslim group ACT! For America which draws supporters from mostly Christian Evangelical and extremist Zionist backgrounds.3 According to The Independent, ACT is the largest anti-Islam group in the US.4 The Centre for American Progress has designated ACT as a hate group.5

According to the New York Times, ACT! for America heeds the ideas of anti-Muslim pro-Israel activist David Yerushalmi.6

Gabriel is a passionate advocate of a conspiracy theory claiming that Muslims have a “secret agenda” to dominate and take over the US and the world.7 In 2007, she gave a speech to the islamophobic “Christians United for Israel” conference, saying that the difference “between Israel and the Arab world is the difference between civilization and barbarism. It’s the difference between good and evil.”8

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Brigitte Gabriel Project Nemesis
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