Carl Icahn

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Carl Icahn is a Zionist Jewish American billionaire, financier and investor. He owns the Icahn Enterprise investing company. He also owned Marvel Comics for a certain number of years. Forbes estimates he has a net worth of $22 billion.

Ties to Israel

Icahn’s name is listed in former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s leaked 2007 potential campaign funders list, dubbed Netanyahu’s “list of millionaires”. His name is written next to some 70 other Jewish Zionist millionaires, most of which reside outside Israel as part of Israel’s international web of lobbyists and power brokers .1
Icahn has also contributed to the construction of medical centers for illegal Jewish settlers in Palestine.2

Influencing US Politics

Following the steps of Zionist casino mogul Sheldon Adelson, Icahn donated $150 million to Donald Trump’s campaign in 2016. He was also an unofficial advisor to Trump during his presidency.3




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