Charles Bronfman

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Charles Bronfman is a Zionist Jewish Canadian billionaire and philanthropist. He is a chief member of the Jewish Bronfman family, one of the richest and most influential families in Canada. He owns $2.5B and is ranked as the 27th wealthiest Canadian and 1,249th in the world by Forbes. He acquired much of his wealth through his alcohol empire called Seagram, alongside his brother Edgar Bronfman, Sr..

Zionist Indoctrination Tours

Bronfman has established and funded many Israeli initiatives, most notably co-founding Taglit-Birthright which sends Jewish youth from North America on free educational tours to Israel.1 Since 1999, Taglit-Birthright claims to have sent more than 340,000 young Jews from around the world to be indoctrinated by the Zionist regime.2

In 1991, Bronfman formed the Mega Group along with American Zionist billionaire, Leslie Wexner. The group is a club of Jewish billionaires contributing to Jewish and Zionist causes such as Birthright Israel. Birthright Israel arranges indoctrination tours for Jews around the world in Israel with the ultimate goal of their settlement on occupied Palestinian land.

Investment in Occupied Palestine

Bronfman was also a major shareholder in Koor Industries, one of the biggest Israeli investment holding companies.3 His former charity foundation, the Andrea and Charles Bronfman Philanthropies Inc. was also active in Israel.4 Bronfman’s “Keren Karev” educational enrichment program was operating in Israel until 2015.

Haaretz has described Bronfman as one of the foreign donors who has “reshaped Israel”. He is associated with the Israeli moderate left and has donated to Israeli politicians such as Ehud Barak and Shimon Peres.5

Canada’s Zionist Bloodline

Other members of the powerful Bronfman family are also heavily associated with Israel, a note which merits much attention given that the Bronfman family is the main funder of the Liberal Party of Canada.
Charles’ son, Stephen Bronfman, is Canadian PM Justin Trudeau’s close friend and chief fundraiser.6

Stephen’s cousin, Matthew Bronfman, enjoys several ventures in Israel, including a stake in the food retailer Supersol and the Israeli franchise of the Swedish furniture chain, Ikea.7

In short, the Bronfman family – despite largely avoiding overtly political Zionist themes – clearly plays a pivotal role in creating the economic and political ties needed to cement Zionist lobbies and interests in Ottawa.


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