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Nemesis Claudio Avruj


Claudio Avruj serves as an influential agitator in the heart of the Zionist aristocratic elite in Argentina. His political activism leans towards Argentinian right-wing Mauricio Macri and against the leftist president Alberto Fernandez.1

“Anti-Semitism” Witch Hunt Chief

Avruj is active in the Zionist Lobby’s usual “anti-Semitism” witch hunt, well-placed among several governmental and non-governmental positions to stifle critique of Zionism in Argentine using the label of “anti-Semitism”. Avruj’s current and past roles include:

  • Argentina’s Secretary of Human Rights and Cultural Pluralism
  • Head of Argentina Holocaust Museum
  • Director of the B’nai B’rith Argentina and B’nai B’rith in the Caribbean (Panama and Venezuela)2.
  • Executive director of the Delegation of Israeli Argentinian Associations (DAIA) which fights “anti-Semitism” in Argentina.3


Avruj is a close friend of Guillermo Yanco, Vice President of Argentina’s Holocaust Musem, which is also a close associate of former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Yanco’s wife, Patricia Bullrich, is the former Minister of Security in Mauricio Macri’s cabinet4. Avruj and Yanco co-own a pro-Zionist news portal called “Vis-à-vis”.5 6

Avruj is also close to Zionist Argentinian banker Ruben Braja, which placed Avruj as the executive director of the powerful DAIA lobby.7

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Claudio Avruj with Israeli ambassador to Argentina Ilan Sztulman in 2017


2: B’nai B’rith is an international Jewish social services organization known for stigmatizing anti-Zionists and pushing for Israeli interests across different countries






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