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The Delegation of Argentine Jewish Associations or DAIA is the umbrella organization of Argentina’s Jewish community. Despite being based in Argentina, DAIA claims that its establishment goes back to the “persecution of Jews” in Germany in 1933, assuming its present name in 1935.
DAIA claims to represent Argentina’s Jewish community in official events and communicate on their behalf with Argentinian authorities. DAIA is the Argentine affiliate of the Latin American Jewish Congress and World Jewish Congress (WJC)1. With its deep reach into Argentinian politics and role in the repression of anti-Zionist views, DAIA can be known as the de-facto Argentinian equivalent of the US-based AIPAC lobby.

Defaming anti-Zionism Activists

Under the disguise of “eradicating anti-Semitism, discrimination & terrorism, promoting human rights, interreligious dialogue and respectful coexistence”, DAIA has played a central role repressing anti-Zionist views in Argentina.2

Gaining Authorities’ Support

The delegation enjoys much influence in Argentina’s political system, laying legal framework that benefits Zionist causes. In its most notable instance, DAIA promoted the controversial Anti-Discrimination Law in 19883 . Ever since, DAIA has sought to expand the scope of this law to virtually all political and cultural aspects of anti-Zionist sentiment.
The Community Assistance Department of DAIA collaborates with Argentinian security forces and government agencies on censorship, exacting oversight on all aspects of the national political spectrum.4

Contribution to Zionist Initiatives

In 1964, the Latin American Jewish Congress was established at the initiative of the then-DAIA president, Itzhak Goldenberg.
Since 1997, and laying the cornerstone of the National Institute Against Discrimination, Xenophobia and Racism (INADI) under the Ministry of Justice of Argentina, DAIA has been a member of its advisory council and act as an “educational pillar” in its mission, which carries out more than “500 trainings”, indoctrinating children, young people and adults on an annual basis.

Notable DAIA Leaders

The following is a list of notable members of DAIA management:

1- Jorge Knoblovits
Jorge Knoblovits is the Jewish Argentinian Zionist head of DAIA, the largest Israel lobby in Argentina. He is also vice president of Argentina’s World Jewish Congress.

2- David Stalman
David Stalman is the 1st Vice president of DAIA.

3- Claudio Avruj
Claudio Avruj serves as an influential agitator in the heart of the Zionist aristocratic elite in Argentina and previously was the executive director of DAIA.

4- Ruben Beraja
Zionist Argentinian banker Ruben Beraja – to whom Avruj is close – placed Avruj as executive director of the powerful DAIA lobby.

5- Sergio Pikholtz
Sergio Pikholtz is the ex-president of the Zionist Organization of Argentina (OSA) and the 2nd vice president of DAIA.

6- Victor Garelik
Victor Garelik is the executive director of DAIA.

7- Ariel Cohen Sabban
Ariel Cohen Sabban – then chairman of DAIA – stepped down in 2018 due to a sex and financial scandal known as the Esmeralda Miter case.

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2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jYPyDcDoQtY

3: The law prepared by the jurist Prof. Bernardo Beiderman

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