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Dan Feferman is an Israeli ex-military analyst, lobbyist and public relations advisor with a focus on Israel and Middle East politics. Feferman was born in Indiana, US, but currently lives in Rehovot, Israel.


Feferman has a BA in International Politics and Middle East Studies from the School of International Service in Washington DC, US and received his MA in Security Studies from Tel Aviv University. Dan has also completed an internship at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, the de-facto international affairs think tank for the infamous US-based AIPAC lobby group.


Feferman currently works as communication and international affairs manager at the al-Sharaka Institute. He is also a founding member of the UAE-Israel Business Council.

Example of an event poster showing Dan Feferman and al Anoud al Hashmi featuring in a session sponsored by the Sharaka Institute

Dan completed his service in the Israeli occupation forces as a Major. He was a foreign policy and national security analyst and advisor to the Israeli General Staff for almost ten years, with a focus on US-Israel relations. Feferman was also commander in a unit of AMAN’s Research and Analysis Division. Aman is the intelligence branch of the Israeli Military, which also includes the notorious 8200 Unit- Israel’s equivalent of the US’ NSA.

Alongside his military and intelligence career, Feferman is also a fellow at the Jewish People Policy Institute, which is concentrated on Zionism and Israeli affairs. The institute works under the Jewish Agency for Israel, Israel’s biggest nonprofit organization.

Normalization Lobbyist

Working as the communication and international affairs manager at the al-Sharaka Institute and leading the UAE-Israel Business Council, Feferman can be labelled as an Israeli influence agent behind the Zionist occupation’s attempts to bribe despotic Arab regimes into recognizing the Zionist ethnostate.

Feferman beside Emirati normalization agent, Majid al-Sarrah (1st left) and Emirati financer and normalization agent, Al Anoud Al Hashmi (2nd right)

Dan Feferman alongside the UAE’s Omar Al Busaidy (3rd to the left) and Anat Sultan-Dadon (Center); general consulate of Israel in Atlanta, US

Dan consequentially engages with various programs and individuals to promote the recognition of Israel within Arab despotic regimes. In one instance, he was a co-host of a Jewanced session focused on the 2020 Abrahamic accords between Tel Aviv and certain Arab regimes.

Image of Feferman in a poster related to a Jewanced session

Feferman taking part in a Jewanced session regarding Israel’s normalization attempts

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