Dan Rosenfield

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Dan Rosenfield is a British-Israeli political advisor who serves as the Downing Street Chief of Staff. He formerly served as the managing director of the Bank of America.

He has served as the head of the World Jewish Relief (the central British fund for Jews around the world). Since 2016, Rosenfield has been operating as the “global head of corporate clients” for Hakluyt, a London-based strategic advisory firm that was founded by former operatives of Britain’s foreign intelligence agency, MI6.1

Little detail is known about his corporate and government activities. However, his simultaneous affiliation with Zionist supremacism, Downing Street and former British Intelligence paints a pattern similar to known Israeli influence operations in the UK & beyond. 

1: https://www.timesofisrael.com/uks-johnson-taps-jewish-charity-head-as-chief-of-staff-after-aides-stormy-exit/

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