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David Brooks is an American conservative political commentator who is an ardent supporter of Israel. He was raised Jewish but is irreligious. Brooks writes for The New York Times1. He has worked as a commentator on NPR and PBS Newshour and the editor for The Wall Street Journal, The Weekly Standard, Newsweek and The Atlantic Monthly2.

Pro-War Neoconservative

Brooks is one of the infamous Zionist neoconservatives who supported the US invasion of Iraq in 2003.3 Brooks even criticized those who claimed that the George W. Bush administration forged documents in order to justify the US invasion of Iraq. Brooks labeled these critics as conspiracy theorists.4 In 2015, however, Brooks admitted that he made a mistake supporting the war.5

Zealous Zionist Propagandist

He has frequently professed his “admiration” for Israel and has supported Israeli policies in the Middle East and Palestine. He has claimed that Israel is “an astonishing success story”.6 Brooks has visited Israeli annually since 1991. His eldest son has served in the Israeli army.7

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