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David Collier is a British anti-Palestinian activist and blogger who lives in the UK. He was formerly a businessman working in Israel1.

Non-Stop Defamation of UK Pro-Palestine Activists

Collier is committed to an unrelenting campaign of vilifying any group or individual effective in supporting the Palestinian cause in the UK.

Most of his defamation campaigns revolve over one or more of the misinformation points below:

  • The British Labor Party is filled with “anti-Semites” (with a special focus on attacking its former leader Jeremy Corbyn)
  • “Antisemitism” in the UK is led by Palestine solidarity movements5.
  • Palestinian refugees are “attacking the foundations of the West”. Collier contributes to Zionist-promoted anti-Islamic hysteria that Palestinian Muslims in Britain are “invading and out breeding the British people”2.
  • The pro-Palestine Boycott, Divest & Sanction movement is a “terrorist group”6.
  • Palestinian “refugee invaders” are leading the BDS movement in Britain (this is while many of its leaders are ethnically British)3.

In 2017, Mark Regev, the Israeli ambassador to the UK, attacked a pro-Palestine meeting in the British parliament as an act of “antisemitism” based on false reports written by Collier. A parliamentary investigation rejected the accusation4.

According to Electronic Intifada, Collier possibly uses a fake pro-Palestinian identity in Facebook to infiltrate activist circles and capture their chat logs with the goal of proving that any pro-Palestine activist is intrinsically an anti-Semite. Collier is also reported to attend pro-Palestine rallies in the UK while under cover, stalking activists with the ambition of capturing any action interpretable as an act of “anti-Semitism”, or something that may help him provoke Islamophobia.7

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Collier in a 2019 Israeli conference that seeks to expose BDS activists.
Collier with Brian of London, an Israeli anti-Islam activist who supports Tommy Robinson, a Zionist-backed British agitator
David Collier with Melanie Phillips, an anti-Muslim activist at a pro-Israel event
David Collier (center) pictured alongside Paul Besser (wearing a blue jacket), an anti-Islam activist in an anti-Islam rally
David Collier promoting a pro-Israel rally in London while the IDF was butchering Palestinian children during its onslaught against Gaza in May 2021.

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