David Hazony

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David Hazony is an Israeli-American writer and editor. He is an editor in Wicked Son Books which is an imprint for Jewish books at Post Hillel Press. He founded the currently defunct The Tower Magazine, a pro-Israel news magazine focused on the Middle East. He also served as executive director of the Israel Innovation Fund. Hazony has written for the New Republic, CNN.com, The Forward, Commentary, The Jerusalem Post and the Jewish Chronicle.
In an undercover documentary filmed by Al Jazeera Journalist James Kleinfeld, David Hazony can be seen working at “The Israel Project”, a US-based Israel propaganda firm. Speaking on record, Hazony tells kleinfeld: “You can get a lot more done by making questions get asked by journalists. And if you create it from multiple directions at the same time through multiple journalists, then you create a sense of crisis [around pro-Palestine activism]”.
David’s brother, Yoram Hazony is another Zionist agitator who focuses on pushing for influence operations promoting Zionism among nationalist and conservative parties in the US and Europe.

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