David Horowitz

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David Horowitz is a Jewish American conservative thinker and writer. He is the president of the Zionist conservative David Horowitz Freedom Centre (DHFC). He is also the editor of the right-wing Frontpage Magazine, director of Discover Networks which tracks leftist activists. Horowitz also founded the Students for Academic Freedom organization, which, similar to the DHFC, focuses on promoting neoconservative support for Zionism. Horowitz has a tendency to fearmonger against Middle eastern states to rally support for the Zionist occupation and plays a central role in American anti-Islam hysteria.
Horowitz is consequently one of the neocon thinkers and propagandists who supported the US invasion to Afghanistan and Iraq. He seeks to whitewash Israeli genocide by evoking the Holocaust, stating that Palestinians want to “wipe out Jewish people in Palestine”.1
Interesting enough, Horowitz was known to have first joined Marxist movements before later aligning himself with far-right and neo-conservatist politics.

1: https://www.salon.com/2002/04/04/israel_35/

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