David Wurmser

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David Wurmser is an American foreign policy specialist focused on Middle East affairs. He was formerly an advisor to infamous American political figures such as former US Vice President Dick Cheney and former National Security Advisor John Bolton. Wurmser was also a Middle East specialist working for the American Enterprise Institute, which is considered as a conservative think tank.

David’s wife is Israeli national Meyrav Wurmser, who works at the Hudson Institute.1 She is also a co-founder of the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI)2 which is an Israeli media project portraying the Middle Eastern nations as savage and extremist people.

Endowment for Middle East Truth

David Wurmser is a Zionist Jew. He was a member of the Endowment for Middle East Truth which is a DC-based pro-Israel think tank. In 2008, the think tank distributed 20 million copies of an anti-Islam movie titled “Obsession” in the US. The movie portrays Islam and Jihadism as an imminent threat to Western civilization.

A Clean Break: Engineering US war for Israel

In 1996, Wurmser, along with other Zionist neocons, wrote a report titled “A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm”. The report advocated for pre-emptive attacks against Syria, the removal of Saddam Hussein’s regime in Iraq and abandoning peace negotiations with Palestinians that conceded territory or privileges to Palestinians.3

Wurmser was one of the main proponents of military action against Iraq. He wrote a book in 1991 titled “Tyranny’s Ally: America’s Failure to Defeat Saddam Hussein” in which he criticized Clinton’s policy of sanctions against Iraq, advocating instead for military intervention. He was part of the core lobby influencing US decision-makers by linking the September 11 attacks and the “War on Terror” to Iraq by claiming that Saddam is sponsoring and hosting Al Qaeda. He provided the US government with documents regarding Iraq’s possession of the weapons of mass destruction, which were eventually never found.

Wurmser went further on to even claim that Syria has weapons of mass destruction and that the US should invade Syria in order to overthrow Bashar Assad’s anti-Zionist regime.4


Wurmser along with other Jewish neocons and authors of “A Clean Break”, such as Douglas Feith and Paul Wolfowitz were accused of passing classified information to Israel through AIPAC. The case was finally dropped without any conclusion.

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