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Nemesis David Yerushamli

David Yerushalmi is an American political agitator advocating the so-called “Anti-Sharia movement” in the US1. He is a co-founder and senior counsel of the American Freedom Law Center. The American Freedom Law Center is a conservative law firm fighting to preserve “Judeo-Christian” values in the US. Yerushalmi is also a general counsel to the Center for Security Policy, another Islamophobic think tank founded by pro-Israel agitator, Frank Gaffney.
Yerushalmi has also contributed to Israeli newspapers such as the Jerusalem Post.

Painting Israel as a champion against Islamic “Jihadism”

Yerushalmi is an orthodox Jew and Zionist. He is affiliated to the Jewish Chabad Lubavitch religious movement. He is very critical of liberal Jews, immigrants and Muslims. Yerushalmi believes that there is a “leftist and Marxist conspiracy” headed by modern liberal democrats who want to destroy Judeo-Christian values by flooding the US with immigrants, promoting Sharia and “Jihadism”.
Yerushalmi equates anti-Israel attitudes with anti-Jew hatred, claiming that the best way to counter such a trend is to suppress “Jihadism”2. Yerushalmi believes that democracy in countries such as Israel and the US is defective because it benefits Muslims such as “Hamas Jihadists”.3
Yerushalmi can be categorized as part of the Zionist lobby which uses anti-Islam rhetoric to instigate pro-Israel sentiment and support. Israel, in this view, is painted as an avant-garde force against Islamic “terrorism”.

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