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Dov Alfon is an Israeli journalist born in 1961. He is the editor in chief of the famous “Liberation” French socialist newspaper. It is worth noting that the newspaper belongs to the French-Israeli billionaire Patrick Drahi1 and constitutes one of the many Zionist outlets shaping the landscape of the French media.
Alfon has been the chief editor of the following publications: Kinneret Zmora-Bitan Dvir, the biggest book publisher in Israel, Haaretz, a famous Israeli leftist newspaper2 and Alaxon, an Israeli digital journal.

8200 Operative

Before taking up the role of a journalist, Alfon was an Israeli intelligence officer in the strategic Unit 8200 of Aman, the Israeli Military Intelligence Directorate.3
During his military and intelligence career, which he may still be pursuing to this day, Alfon participated in the intelligence gathering for operation Opera, which resulted in Israel’s airstrike on the Iraqi Osirak nuclear plant in 1981. He has written a spy novel titled “A Long Night in Paris” reflecting his experience and memoires from working as an intelligence officer.4

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