Ed Husain

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Ed Husain was born into a Bengali Muslim household and raised in London’s East End. Husain’s mother was born in what is now Bangladesh, and his father was born in British India to a family associated with Yemeni saint “Shah Jalal”. His mother is descended from Saudi Arabia. He kept in touch with Hadramawt-based Yemeni Sufi Muslims. When Husain was younger, he went to the Brick Lane Mosque with his parents, who practiced a Sufi-inspired spiritual version of Islam.
Gaining a foothold in the UK’s Zionist academic sphere of “Middle East Studies, Husain has used his Muslim background to promote an astroturfed theme of Muslim abandonment of Palestine and recognition of Zionist occupation.

Building a Name

British author and political consultant Husain has collaborated with international leaders and governments. During the height of the Arab spring (2010–2015), he held senior fellowships in think tanks in London and New York, notably the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). His policy memo at CFR initiated the US-led establishment of a fund with its headquarters in Geneva to apparently aid in the fight against terrorism.
Tony Blair, Iraq war criminal and former prime minister of Great Britain, had Husain as a top advisor from 2015 until 2018. Sir Roger Scruton, an English philosopher, oversaw his doctoral studies in Western philosophy and Islam, which he completed between 2018 and 2021. He is the author of three books: Among the Mosques, The Islamist, and The House of Islam: A Global History. He has written for the Telegraph, The Times, the New York Times, the Guardian, and other magazines in addition to being a frequent contributor to the Spectator magazine. He has also featured on the BBC and CNN.
Husain has used this resume to support Israel and normalize the “coexistence of Zionism and Islam”. Husain seeks to picture a Middle East in which the Israeli occupation will be integral part.

Israel’s Gentle Propagandist

Husain has never been shy to support Israel and advise Muslim countries in the Middle East region to normalize their ties with Israel.

Husain insisting on normalization between Israel and Muslim counties in 2016

He has also an obvious connection with Israeli figures and organizations promoting so-called “Abraham Accords”, promoting it as the only way for peace in the region.

Husain announcing his meeting with Ron Dermer, Former Israeli ambassador holding by infamous Zionist organization, StandwithUs

As a Muslim academic, Husain blatantly announced his trip to Israel and spiting Israeli disinformation. Despite claiming to be a non-biased academic, he has never acknowledged Palestine’s right to self-defense and continually presents one-sided arguments favoring Israel.

Ed Husain justifying Israeli genocide
An example of Ed Husain’s caricaturesque portrayal of Israel

Attacking Pro-Palestine Campaigns

Husain has always smeared anti-Zionist boycott campaigns, usually spinning them as harming Arabs. In a 2013 article published by the New York Times, he said: “Many people condemn Israeli settlements and call for an economic boycott of their produce, but I saw that it was Arab builders, plumbers, taxi drivers and other workers who maintained Israeli lifestyles. Separatism in the Holy Land has not worked and it is time to end it. How much longer will we punish Palestinians to create a free Palestine?”1

An example of Ed Hussain promoting recognition of Israeli occupation, painting boycotts as “harmful for Palestinians”

1: https://www.nytimes.com/2013/03/07/opinion/global/end-the-arab-boycott-of-israel.html

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