Edgar Bronfman

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Edgar Bronfman was a Canadian-American businessman making fortunes by selling alcoholic beverages to American consumers. He owned Seagram, one of the biggest whisky producers in the world. His family name in Yiddish means “whisky man”.

He died in 2013. He is remembered by advoates of the Zionist ethnostate primarily for his role in negotiating further Soviet recognition of the Israeli regime and also for exorting $1.25 billion from Swiss banks in the name of the Holocaust.

President of the WJC

Bronfman was the President of the World Jewish Congress, one of the most influential international Zionist lobbies.

As President of the WJC, Bronfman contributed to the immigration of Soviet Jewry to occupied Palestinian lands. In 1985, he was sent to the Soviet Union to visit then-president of the Soviet Union Gorbachev on behalf of former Israeli PM Shimon Peres in order to push for Soviet support for the Israeli regime.1

As president of the WJC, Bronfman gained further mainstream international recognition after labelling former UN Secretary General Kurt Waldheim as “part and parcel of the Nazi killing machine” because he particiapated in the second world war as a German military officer.2

Bronfman also pushed the Swiss government to allocate $1.25 billion from Swiss banks to the WJC allegedly as money belonging to Jews killed by Nazis. The Swiss government signed the deal in order to exonerate itself from Holocaust complicity claims.3 4

Sex cult

Two of Bronfman’s daughters Sara and Clare Bronfman and his company Seagram were involved in the NXIVM sex traficking cult in the US.5

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