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Elder of Ziyon is an anonymous Zionist blogger that promotes Zionist propaganda across various websites and social media platforms. He seeks to do so using humor while being unbearably boring and dull.

His weblog is considered an anti-Zionist watchdog and has been cited by mainstream media outlets such as the New York Times, Israel Hayom, Wall Street Journal, Fox News and CNN.1

Elder of Ziyon supports the IDF’s military killing of more than 64 Palestinian children killed during its May 2021 onslaught on Gaza

Elder of Ziyon has zealously sought to conceal his identity.

Despite initially brushing off the idea of creating a profile for Elder of Ziyon due to the page’s fictive identity and being a minor figure in the larger web of Zionist influencers, Project Nemesis decided to include Ziyon among its blacklist of Zionist influence networks following his own request.

We appreciate any tips or identity information that can help us supplement our current profile on the “Elder of Ziyon” misinformation campaign and its related admin(s).

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blog post https://elderofziyon.blogspot.com/

1: https://jewishjournal.com/israel/article/tolerance_museum_dispute_continues_despite_document_20100223/

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