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Ella Rose is a British Jewish Zionist activist who was director of the Jewish Labour movement (JLM), a group that can be considered as the Israeli lobby in the Labour Party. Rose has also worked for the Israeli embassy in the UK.1 She was also a friend of Shai Masot, the Israeli spy who worked in the Israeli embassy as a liaison with Zionist lobby groups in the UK.2

When director of the Jewish Labour Movement, she was very active accusing Labour members with pro-Palestine views of harboring “anti-Semitism”3, specifically former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and Jackie Walker. In an undercover Al Jazeera investigation, she wished that her critics “die in a hole” and claimed that she can easily “take down” Jackie Walker with a “special combat technique” taught to Israeli soldiers in IDF.4

Rose is currently a trustee of another pro-Israel lobby group, Yachad UK, and a member of LGBT Labour.

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Ella Rose with former chairman of Jewish Labour Movement Jeremy Newmark (left) and former Israeli ambassador to the UK Mark Regev (Right) in 2016
Ella Rose with Izzy Lenga, another Israeli infiltrator in the Labour Party
Ella Rose with former chairman of the Jewish Labour Movement Jeremy Newmark (1st left) and pro-Israeli MP Ivor Caplin which is also a former chairman of the JLM (2nd left)

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