Ethics Policy

  • All individual and organizational profile subjects have shown themselves to be either one or more of the following:
  1. Zionist and consequentially racist according to UNGA Resolution 3379
  2. Supporters of Zionism and Zionist supremacism, discrimination, terrorism, or related personalities, organizations and lobbies e.g. Israel Defense Forces, The Mossad, AIPAC
  3. Violating the personal safety of Palestinians or anti-Zionist activists
  4. Disrupting Palestinians or anti-Zionist speakers or events
  5. Inciting violence or hatred towards Palestinians, anti-Zionists or supporters of Palestine
  6. Using language or speech that demonizes Palestinians and anti-Zionists
  7. Promoting restrictions or countering the Boycott, Divest & Sanctions movement in any of its forms
  • Project Nemesis does not blacklist people or entities based on their corresponding race or religion.
  • Project Nemesis is a call to political action. However, Project Nemesis does not bear responsibility for any consequences stemming from measures taken on the basis of information provided by the project.

    If you wish to provide any feedback, assistance, or report any errors, feel free to contact us.