Eve Barlow

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Nemesis Eve Barlow.


Eve Dov Ber (Barlow) is an American Jewish Zionist music journalist born in Scotland. She is of Russian Jewish origin, with her family name originally being “Berelovitch”.1 Barlow writes for mainstream papers such as the New York Magazine, The Guardian, the LA Times, Pitchfork and …2.

The Times of Israel has described her as being part of a group of emerging “young Zionists who fights against anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism in the social media”.3

Barlow believes she is “chosen”

Barlow believes that Zionism and Judaism are synonymous and that Jewish opposition to the Zionist regime constitutes betrayal.4

In May 2021, her name trended with more than 20,000 tweets in Twitter and was mocked as being “Eve Fartlow”. Barlow called the event a “social media pogrom”.5 The incident happened after she justified Israeli crimes against Palestinians in Gaza.

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