Fatema Al Harbi

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Fatema al-Harbi is the vice chairman of Sharaka institute, a shadowy organization set up with the goal of normalizing relations between the Israeli occupation and certain Arab regimes.

Al-Harbi lived in Australia for 5 years but currently lives in Bahrain. She is best known for her role in holding the first “Holocaust anniversary” in a Gulf country.

Harbi is among a host of new Arab advocacy agents promoting Zionist occupation with the cover of an “inclusive” and “multicultural” image while completely ignoring the racist and supremacist ideals if the Zionist regime.
Describing her trip to Israel, Harbi has said: “Having breakfast and dinner at different families from different backgrounds & religions, as food brings us together at one table we learned a lot about Israel and different communities with amazing food experience and meeting amazing people! Also meeting with the Israeli students we had an enjoyable time talking to them and sharing out our experiences and exchanging our cultures that seemed so similar, and we gained a lot of friends after this.”

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