Frank Lowy

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Frank Lowy is an Australian-Israeli billionaire and businessman. He was formerly Chairman of Westfield Corporation, a global shopping center company with US$29.3 billion worth of assets under management in the United States, United Kingdom and Europe. Lowy’s personal net worth is estimated to stand at $8.51 billion in 2021. He has been ranked the 9th richest person in Australia.1
The Zionist zealot-billionaire describes himself as a liberal democrat with a special “interest in Middle Eastern politics and foreign policy”.

War Criminal

Frank Lowy was born is Slovakia in a Jewish family. He migrated to occupied Palestine and participated in the terrorist Zionist militia Haganah and then joined the Golani Brigade of the Israeli military. He participated in the 1948 Palestine war which displaced more than 700,000 Palestinians and led to the formation of the Zionist Israeli ethnostate.

Funding Zionist Think Tanks & Biotech

Lowy founded the influential Australian foreign policy think tank – the Lowy Institute. The think tank is described as being a reactionary neoliberal institute. Lowy is also Chairman of the Institute for National Securities Studies, a significant think tank known well among Israeli elite.

Frank Lowy alongside former Israeli president Shimon Peres

Lowey has also invested on Israeli biotech start-ups.2 Little is known regarding the nature of the “biotech” services funded by Lowy.

Frank Lowy and former Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert

It is worth noting that Lowy’s son, Peter, is chairman of Tribe Media Corp, the parent company of the Jewish Journal and the Jewish Insider, both of which are content curation services covering US politics and business news from a Jewish angle. Peter has been the chairman of the little-known, yet influential, University of Judaism in California, US.



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