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Gabriel Colodro is a Jewish Chilean Zionist activist and president of the Chilean community in Israel. He spreads Zionist propaganda among the Chilean people and fights BDS and anti-Israel movements in the country.1

Gabriel Colodro with Chilean president Sebastian Pinera

In 2021, when Chilean Congress tried to ban goods from Occupied Palestine, he called it “one of the most anti-Semitic legislative bodies in the world.”2

Colodro commonly appears in Latino media, spreading pro-Israel misinformation about issues such as Palestine and “anti-semitism”.

Gabriel Colodro calls Chilean MP Sergio Gahona an anti-Semite after he proposed a law boycotting Israeli goods in 2021

For example, in an interview with CNN Chile covering Israel’s May 2021 onslaught against Gaza he claims that the lives of Israelis living next to the Gaza Strip is being “ruined by Hamas missiles” but never mentions how families of Gaza are being butchered by Israeli high-tech precision guided missiles.3

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