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Gabriel Zaliasnik is a Jewish Chilean lawyer and former president of the Jewish community in Chile. He describes himself as being “deeply Zionist” and committed to defending Israel.1

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Zaliasnik has a habit of non-ironically blaming any individual or group opposed to Israel with labels which best fit Israel itself.

Zaliasnik, like other Zionist figures in Chile, have attacked Communist leader Daniel Jadue due to his criticism against Israel’s atrocities against Palestinians. Zaliasnik has also alleged that Jadue cooperates with “terrorist” Palestinian groups.

Gabriel Zaliasnik accuses Leftist Chilean politician Daniel Jadue of anti-Semitsm because Jadue correctly calls Zalisnik an agent of Israel

Zaliasnik claims that Jadue and Palestinians in Chile have double loyalty towards Chile and Palestine, while denying any such issue for himself and other fervent Israel influence agents in the country.2

In 2021, when Chilean football team Palestino FC used Palestinian symbols on shirts after the brutal May 2021 Israeli aggression against the people of Gaza, Gabriel Zaliasnik called it “a lousy form of political violence in Chilean football – chauvinistic and in bad taste.”3

Zaliasnik has also claimed that a bill proposed by some Chilean members of parliament to boycott Israeli products is similar to what Nazis did to Jews.4

Gabriel Zaliasnik compares Israeli products boycott proposed by Chilean members of parliament to Nazi boycotts against Jews and speaks of a mysterious “Palestinian lobby in Chile” while being ironically part of the Israeli lobby himself.

Failed Lobbying Attempts

As a lawyer he has sought to defend notorious Chilean minister of health Jaime Mañalich in court. Mañalich’s career as minister of health was a disaster for Chilean people during the COVID19 pandemic.

Zaliasnik stubbornly tried to stop the Chilean government from recognizing the Palestinian state but failed. Chile recognized the Palestinian state in 2011.5

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