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Gerald Ronson is a Jewish British businessman, a real estate owner and “philanthropist”. He owns Heron International property developer company and the Ronson Capital Partners real estate investment firm. Ronson is one of the perpetrators of the infamous Guinness share-trading fraud that made headlines in the 1980s for which he served a year in prison.1

During the tenure of former Israeli Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu, Gerald Ronson has been one of his wealthiest financial backers.2 Ronson is also one of the members of the Presidents Club, a charity trust whose members support Israel. A number of President Club members are accused of sexual harassment.3

The Community Security Trust: A Front for Mossad UK influence operations?

Ronson is a major donor to Jewish causes and is one of the founders of Community Security Trust (CST), an organization which claims to be dedicated to fighting “anti-Semitism” in the UK.

The CST has accused the Labor Party of anti-Semitism due to the party’s criticism of Israel’s brutal suppression of Palestinian protests against the siege of Gaza, which resulted in the murder of 62 Palestinian protesters committed by the IDF in 2018 alone. That year, the CST claimed that Labor criticism against Israel caused a surge in “anti-Semitic” incidents in the UK compared to 2017.4 It is worth noting that Ronson held a vocal belief that if Jeremy Corbyn, popular former Labor Party leader, became prime minister, a marked rise in “anti-semitism” would have taken over in the UK.5

The CST is devoted to fighting the BDS movement and has pushed to facilitate the entry of Israeli war criminals into the UK. Many members of the CST receive training by the Israeli intelligence service Mossad and are potentially Israeli intelligence assets.6

The CST also harasses anti-Zionist Jews such as the Neturei Karta.7

Combating anti-Zionism as a form of “antisemitism”

Ronson believes anti-Zionism is an act of anti-Semitism.8

Ronson has assisted the UK-based Jewish Leadership Council, an aggressive pro-Israel organization which attacks organizations trying to boycott Israel.9 He is suspected to have contributed money and influence to get rid of Corbyn.

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