German Khan

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German Khan is a Jewish Russian-Israeli1 oligarch and billionaire. He co-founded LetterOne, an international investment company with the other Jewish Russian billionaire Mikhail Fridman. He also co-founded Alfa Group, another investment group with Friedman. One of Alpha Group’s subsidiaries is Alfa Bank, the biggest private bank of Russia.

Funding Zionist Indoctrination Programs

Khan, along with Friedman and Petr Aven (Jewish Russian tycoon) have founded the Genesis Philanthropy Group which supports many international Zionist outreach and indoctrination programs such as Hillel, Birthright etc.2

Radical Jewish Philanthropy

Khan contributes to Jewish initiatives in Russia and Europe -most of which are unfortunately stubborn supporters of Zionist supremacist ideology. He is a member of the Russian Jewish Congress and donated to the Babi Yar Holocaust museum in Ukraine. He also regularly donates to the European Jewish Fund which supports initiatives regarding European Jewry along with the propagation of Zionism.



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