Ghada Zoabi

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Ghada Rinawie Zoabi is a journalism graduate from the University of Haifa. She manages the Bokra1 Arabic-language news agency. The group was established in 2006 and is headquartered in Haifa, Israel. Representing Israel’s leftist Meretz party, Zoabi won a seat in the Knesset in 2021 until 2022.

Logo of “Bokra” News Agency

Zoabi’s long-held approach towards Arabs is to integrate them into an Israeli-led Middle East. Arab recognition of Israel is the underlying factor of all her activities, specifically Bokra, and more recently trade activities related to the UAE.

Seeking to Isolate the Palestinian Cause

Zoabi effectively operates as an active proponent of Israel’s “Outside-In Approach”, seeking Palestinian isolation and consequential surrender by persuading regional Arab nations to normalize relations with Tel Aviv and abandon the Palestinian cause.
Zoabi is also a member of the UAE-Israel BusinessCouncil. The UIBC is the central and largest economic organization formed in the field of UAE/Israel economic relations. The council began operations immediately after the “Abraham Accords”. Zoabi is consequently part of the Israeli regime’s push to counter its growing international isolation by normalizing relations with despotic Arab regimes.


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