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Gloria Garces is a Cuban-Guatemalan Evangelical pro-Israel activist residing in Miami, USA. She promotes Zionism among American Latinos and the Guatemalan people.

It is worth noting that Garces contributed to the campaign transferring Guatemala’s embassy to Jerusalem and traveled to Jerusalem with her family to take part in its inauguration ceremony.

Gloria Garces (far right) standing alongside Sheldon Adelson (2nd right) and former Guatemalan foreign minister Sandra Jovel (2nd left) in 2018
Gloria Garces (far left) with then Guatemalan Foreign Minister Sandra Jovel (4th right) inside the country’s embassy in Jerusalem in 2018

She and her family are known to have had suspicious ties with one of the bloodiest dictators of Guatemala, Efrain Rios Montt.1

Milstein & Adelson Ties

Garces’ trip to attend the inauguration of the Chilean embassy in Jerusalem was funded by Sheldon Adelson, the notorious Zionist American casino tycoon.2

Garces also works with The Philos Project (organization promoting Zionism among Christians) and Fuente Latina (media outlet spreading Zionist propaganda among Spanish-speaking audiences) and established its first office in the US.3  Both projects are funded by the discreet Zionist mega-donor Adam Milstein.

In an interesting assignment funded by the Philos Project, Garces led the “#WeResolve” movement targeting Christians with accusations of “anti-Semitism” and related indoctrination, to the extent that Churches were asked to “organize a Church trip to Israel”.4

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Gloria Garces alongside former Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and former Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales in 2018
Gabriel Garces asking the Chilean president to speak up against the Chilean parliament’s attempt to boycott Israeli goods produced on occupied lands.





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