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GnasherJew is a pro-Israel Twitter account which promotes accusations of antisemitism against pro-Palestine British politicians and activists, with an overtly zealous effort to purge pro-Palestine members out of the Labour Party.

Zionist Election Interference

The Jerusalem Post has described GnasherJew as playing a “key” role in destroying the chances of the Corbyn-led Labour Party in the 2019 general election.

Consequently, GnasherJew – along with Israel-tied operatives such as Shai Masot – can be regarded as a clear instance of Zionist influence operations in the UK.

David Collier Link

It appears that GnasherJew is directed by people such as David Collier, an infamous fanatic British Zionist blogger.1

Suspension & Continued Operation

Gnasherjew is known to employ both misinformation and disinformation to achieve the objectives of his organization. The account was suspended by Twitter for spreading false anti-Labour antisemitism allegations. GnasherJew was, however, allowed to continue operating shortly afterwards.

UPDATE: GnasherJew’s Twitter account was suspended on March 22, shortly after this article was written.2

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  1. Both David Collier and Shia Masot are Israeli agents that try to silence anyone pro Palestine by putting people on their website I am one of their victims. As an artist who is neither white nor Antisemitic, they slandered my name by calling me a white supremacist and anti semite.

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