Harry Trigobuff

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Harry Trigobuff is an Australian billionaire and real estate developer. He owns Meriton, a property developer and construction company. Known as “high-rise Harry”, Forbes estimated his net worth at $13.1 billion.1
Harry Trigobuff was born in a Jewish Russian family living in China.

JNF Patron

Trigobuff is a patron of the Israel’s Jewish National Fund (JNF), which currently funds the continued expansion of illegal Jewish settlements across occupied Palestine. Established in 1901, the JNF paved the path for Israel’s genocidal existence by purchasing Arab land before the Belfour declaration. Albeit legal, the purchases set up operational bridgeheads for illegal Zionist expansion and settlement.

Using Australian Wealth to Colonize Palestine

Trigobuff is also largely known for funding the Shorashim center, an Israeli organization encouraging Jews around the world to travel and settle in occupied Palestinian land. The funding is done through the Harry Trigoboff Foundation. A conference inaugurating the center in Israel was attended by Trigoboff and – notably – former Mossad chief Ephraim Halevy.2

Supporting Zion’s Iron Fist

In a symbolic act endorsing Israel’s occupation forces, Trigobuff has gone as far as to dedicate an Australian park to IDF soldiers, specifically to Australian Jews who have taken part in the force’s operations.

Harry Trigobuff with Israeli soldiers inaugurating a park dedicated to IDF members in Australia, 2015

Elaborating his devotion to the Zionist cause, Trigobuff has clearly underlined Israel’s racial character – and his commitment to preserve it: “I think of all that Israel has done for the Jewish people of the world. We have to continue working together to make Israel a better and greater place, and that’s what we’re going to do.”3

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