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Hassan Sajwani is an Emirati billionaire businessman and a social media influencer. Based in Dubai, Hassan Sajwani General Trading LLC is a private Limited Company established by Sajwani in 2014.1 In addition to media coverage of the shady Arab-Israeli “normalization” process, Sajwani has taken part in numerous meetings with Israeli officials and businessmen, with little regard for the plight of Palestinians.

The Influencer Behind ‘Normalization’

From the moment the so-called “Abraham accords” between the Zionist regime and the UAE were announced in September 2020, ordinary Emiratis were flooded with propaganda material whitewashing Israel. One of the most active and influential accounts spreading Israeli misinformation and propaganda – perhaps the most euphoric in celebrating cooperation with the Zionist ethnostate – was Sajwani, producing a high volume of messages celebrating the event.

“Imagine the size of the opportunity for cooperation between the United Arab Emirates and Israel,” Sajwani wrote on his Twitter account, referring to a meeting that was held by officials from both sides. “The United Arab Emirates and Israel will discuss investment, finance, health, civil space and aviation, foreign policy, diplomacy, tourism and culture for the first time tomorrow,” Sajwani said.2

Sajwani’s support for the Zionist state did not start only after the Abraham Accords. Sajwani had started tweeting tacitly in support for Israeli activities in the Middle East, interestingly as soon as the earliest rumors of UAE-Israeli trade cooperation were reported.

Sajwani’s tweet anticipating the 2020 normalization accords in 2018

Interestingly, Sajwani rarely spoke overtly about recognizing the Zionist state before the “Abraham Accords” were signed.

Embraced by Israeli Operators

On November 14, 2020, Sajwani meet Lorena Khateeb, Chief Arabic Content Officer at the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs and co-founder of the Sharaka Institute in Dubai, which has played an influential role in the soft-diplomacy surrounding Israel’s recognition by despotic Arab governments.

Sajwani and Khateeb in Dubai

Due to the influence of his twitter account, some of his tweets have been even retweeted by Israeli authorities, including former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Israeli President Isaac Herzog. Hassan Sajwani was much delighted seeing his tweets retweeted by the likes of war criminal Netanyahu. “Two years ago I was retweeted by Israel’s then PM @b.netanyahu and today retweeted by Israel’s sitting President Isaac Herzog,” Sajwani once said.

Sajwani’s tweet retweeted by Herzog

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