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Irving Gatell is a Jewish Mexican pro-Israel activist and influencer active across various Spanish-language media outlets. He is a researcher in the field of religion and is involved in political activism in Mexico, mostly criticizing Mexico’s left-wing president Manuel Lopez Obrador.

Gatell works for the pro-Israel Jewish Enlace Judio (“Jewish Link”) news agency in Mexico which promotes Israeli interests in Mexico and peddles Zionist propaganda.

Hasbara Examples

Gatell is known for presenting stereotypical Hasbara1 takes whitewashing Israeli crimes towards Palestinians.

In an article on the May 2021 brutal attack against Gaza and the suppression of Palestinian protests in Jerusalem by Israel, Gatell claimed that Palestinians were guilty of initiating the conflict and that the Israelis were simply “defending themselves” after suffering at the hands of Palestinians.2 He defended the 2021 Zionist land & home seizures in the Palestinian Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood by falsely stating that it was due to “unpaid rent”.

Gatell falsely claiming that Israel has sought to remove Palestinians from their homes because “they don’t pay rent”
Gatell justifies the brutal murder of dozens of Palestinian children by blaming it on the Hamas armed group, accusing them of launching missiles next to children.

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1: Hasbara – a Hebrew word meaning “to explain” – is commonly referred to by Zionists as an attempt to spread pro-Israel propaganda and delegitimize Palestinian claims of suffering among what is usually, but not necessarily, a western audience.


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