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Isaac de Castro is a Jewish Panamanian activist based in the US who promotes pro-Zionist propaganda in the name of fighting “anti-Semitism”, with a focus on stifling pro-Palestinian activities in US universities.

He is the founder of “Jewish on Campus”, an Instagram account which records alleged “anti-Semitism” incidents in US universities with a zealous tendency to label any anti-Israel criticism as being “anti-Semitic”1.

Isaac de Castro on TikTok claims that denying the legitimacy of Israel is “anti-Semitism”

Isaac de Castro is also a co-founder of the New Zionist Congress, a Jewish student pro-Zionist movement promoting belief in radical Jewish Supremacy and apartheid in US universities.2

Isaac de Castro is proud of the infamous Theodor Herzl, alleged theoretician of the Zionist movement

Isaac de Castro believes Jews may need to leave US universities because of growing “anti-Semitic” sentiment or that they need to “sacrifice much to remain and fight for their rights”.3 He seeks to deny obvious facts such as Israel being founded upon occupied land.

Isaac de Castro openly supports belief in a Zionist ethnostate

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